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:star: you dont have to but id appreciate it of you favorited or comment on my stamps if youre using them!!!! :star:


anti sjw: HAH what are you, TRIGGERED???!!!! ARE YOU TRIGGERED YOU FUCKING CUCK SJW?????? DO YOU WANT YOUR MOMMY??? (screaming at the top of lungs while shitting pants) DO YOU WANT YOUR SAFE SPACE, FAE???? HUH?????
me, in actuality, everytime i recieve a comment like this:


.Stamp. Kick Me by KillMePleaseGod .Stamp. Kick Me :iconkillmepleasegod:KillMePleaseGod 172 27 Sex by cfosgate Sex :iconcfosgate:cfosgate 202 19 I support marriage by Akhnaton-II I support marriage :iconakhnaton-ii:Akhnaton-II 420 120 I don't ship them by TRASHYADOPTS I don't ship them :icontrashyadopts:TRASHYADOPTS 82 25 speaks in hands stamp [animated] by witchb0y speaks in hands stamp [animated] :iconwitchb0y:witchb0y 529 90 SHE ATE THE BABY AAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaa! by Little-rolling-bean SHE ATE THE BABY AAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaa! :iconlittle-rolling-bean:Little-rolling-bean 218 320 venus flytrap stamp by bulletblend venus flytrap stamp :iconbulletblend:bulletblend 649 17 Palm trees Stamp by FlNS Palm trees Stamp :iconflns:FlNS 425 9 Youre on autopilot.| stamp by TheCandyCoating Youre on autopilot.| stamp :iconthecandycoating:TheCandyCoating 722 19 internet surfing | Stamp by TheCandyCoating internet surfing | Stamp :iconthecandycoating:TheCandyCoating 990 35 Garn by megadinkloid Garn :iconmegadinkloid:megadinkloid 540 20 My Wife by megadinkloid My Wife :iconmegadinkloid:megadinkloid 480 11 bows by megadinkloid bows :iconmegadinkloid:megadinkloid 614 28 wht is he thinking abt,,, by megadinkloid wht is he thinking abt,,, :iconmegadinkloid:megadinkloid 364 14 Them by megadinkloid Them :iconmegadinkloid:megadinkloid 563 22
youtube  discourse is as softcore as facebook wine mom discourse like lmao, is youtube seriously the platform you want to argue on


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I give it a 10!
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States

stamp commissions are OPEN
10 points per stamp commission
note: i only do stamps that I AGREE WITH....HOWEVER this DOES NOT apply to ship stamps UNLESS they are homophobic/abusive/pedophilic. TY!!!

i use firealpaca and to make my stamps and gifs
please do not make opposite versions of my stamps
this includes using the exact same words i used except reversing the opinion and using the exact same format, background, same subject opposing opinion.

good people worthy of watching
(do not ask me to be on here)
(i will add more when i remember more people)
(however you can ask to be taken off if being put on display isnt really your thing)

i listen to this song every single time i argue with someone

:bulletblue: just call me dead, reaps, or reyes on this account
:bulletblue: no, the things i make stamps about are not things that keep me up at night or things im constantly obsessing over. this account doubles as a rant/vent account, so many of my stamps are my personal opinions unless theyre commissioned.
:bulletblue: i work at a very slow pace. if you ask me to make a stamp, the EARLIEST it will get done is a week later.
:bulletblue: i will not tell you my age for personal reasons
:bulletblue: yes i am a cunt, an asshole, a huge meanie, edgy, whatever. i am well aware. you dont need to write a paragraph of how much of a huge dumb meanie i am on my profile to emphasize that. trust me; i already know and i dont care. youre wasting your time
:bulletblue: i am protective of my close friends and i love all of my friends
:bulletblue: feel free to screenshot and/or copypaste this section of my ID to tell your friends "haha lol edgy", im glad i mean so much to you that you want to talk about me to your friends <3

more about me / FAQ


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bIissey Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
laughing bc i disagreed with a lot of your stamps heavily long ago but agree with them now??
like yea i don't agree with some of your stamps still but people being offended over simple stuff can chill out... :peace:
Domestic-Abuse Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2017
now can you come to my quinceñera
OddyDot Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
is your goal to kind of troll people? Genuinely curious. Some things seem very trollish to set people off
ShinyDisorder Featured By Owner May 8, 2017  Student Interface Designer
Just wanted to say that even though I disagree with some of your views, i respect your opinions. ♥ Don't listen to the assholes, keep doing you :)
Your stamps are amazing, also. They each look like you put a lot of time into them :meow: 
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